People advertising for Cleverbot on Twitter are now talking dirty to it.

Don’t think that run this thing are advertising it on Twitter?

Now the person advertising for it is talking dirty to it.

They have 29k+ followers. I think most of them are kids.

I found this: would you say to seduce me? Cleverbot: What is the meaning of life? Thats a bit of an unusual tactic… Clev: What is time?

on this website

They say “What is time?” because they are foreigners and they are trying to figure out where you live.

Your smart meter is on the internet.

If you think you shouldn’t take hacking seriously, then think about the fact that your electric meter is on the internet. That’s why it’s called a smart meter and why we don’t have meter readers anymore.  It runs on Ethernet Over Power (EOP) lines.

Your smart car is on the internet and yes you can hack a smart car according to Steve Gibson.

He runs a weekly podcast.

Cleverbot website is a domain registered overseas

According to

The IP address for this website is located here:

IP Location United Kingdom – England – London – Uk2 – Ltd

Similar legislation to the PIPA bill would help stop this website because it runs ads.  The PIPA bill was going to stop Visa, Master Card, AMEX and Discover from allowing transactions to overseas servers that allowed for illegal downloads to occur.

If we could pass something that malicious websites were done the same way it would help stop hackers.

New legislation that could be passed.

I wanted to give you an idea about some new legislation that could be passed in regards to cell phone spy software. If you wanted to you could use this as an idea for wording to email all of the senators like I did.

My original thought was that why couldn’t AT&T send a letter in regards to data activity similar to what your ISP (Internet Service Provider) does when you illegally download music or movies? At least I’ve been told Charter Communications does this. They send a letter out to customers warning them that this activity is illegal.

Couldn’t your cell phone carrier do something similar and send something that says your phone is accessing a server that is known to be malicious and did you knowingly install something on your phone that would monitor it?

There is something installed on your phone that is doing something illegal or something you may not be aware of.

So why can’t a phone carrier monitor malicious activity on a phone and send a letter to the customer warning them that there is data going to a malicious website?

It is not legal to install this software on a phone that you do not own.

My second thought was:

Why is this software even necessary at all when all of the cell phone carriers have a way to monitor phones? Even if you had employees you could use parental controls provided through your phone carrier to monitor them.

This software is not legal to install on a phone that doesn’t belong to you to begin with.

Do you really need to see text messages? If so, then the carriers could invent something or create something that would keep text messages and the customer could buy it.

It would stop someone from installing software on a phone that doesn’t belong to them.

Why can’t we pass a law that would make monitoring phones at all illegal and no one could monitor a phone unless done through the carrier? It would stop someone you didn’t know from obtaining personal information.

As it is now, apparently, you can hack a phone just by knowing the phone number according to the article entitled

My third thought was:

If we continued to allow this software to continue to exist, it could be stopped from existing by stopping cred card transactions to pay for it similar to what was proposed with the PIPA Bill.

Why can’t we stop all credit card transactions to any website conducting illegal activity or a website ran by hackers or terrorist organizations? Sometimes you can get a virus just by visiting a website. These websites are not free to run it requires the purchase of a domain name and or a web server and it may contain ads.


Search warrant on your phone

If you’re ever hacked, could you ask law enforcement to order a search warrant on your phone? If you waive your rights? Or could you hack it yourself to see where text messages etc were being diverted? It’s not illegal to hack a phone you own.

iCloud hacking

Some people may not realize that iCloud can sync all of your photographs from your iPhone automatically. It can also sync to every iDevice you own.  So not only do you have to worry about your phone you have to worry about where your photos are stored online.

Take it from me my Zenfolio account was hacked.

Please be careful with the photographs that you take of you and your family. Please do research on iCloud and how it syncs with your iPhone and other iDevices.

If you find you are hacked, please press charges and don’t forget about your copyright. They shouldn’t be violating you or your copyright.  Never run from a bully.

It also makes me wonder if iCloud ever checks for Child Pornography.

Blocking the caller id

Did you know you can block the Caller ID on your phone by looking in the settings?  This works for both an Android Phone or an iPhone.

Test it out by calling another phone.

Picasa and screen shots

Did you know that you can use Picasa to take screen shots? It saves them as a JPG. Usually you have to paste them into a word doc. With Picasa you can paste your screen shots anywhere.

To take a screen shot press ctrl



and prt sc

You may not need the fn depending on your keyboard.

Your cell phone has two connections

I think that sometimes they use this website to hack my phone. They’ve been hacking me over the 4G connection not just the wifi connection on my phone.

Your phone has a wifi connection and a 4G connection. This gives you two ip addresses.

If you want to see your ip address then use this website.

The scary thing is that you can see approximately where someone lives using this.

They said to me I’m not talking to someone from Texas am I or something similar.

The ones you have to worry about

Some have never seen a computer or a machine (blind or aren’t aware of it’s existence)

Some have only seen a computer or a machine (can see)

Some have only used a computer or machine (user)

Some sell the computer or machine (salesman)

Some know how to gather parts for the computer or machine (parts man)

Some create, build, and program a computer or a machine and those are the ones that you have to worry about.  (creator/hacker)

Water or fire will kill it.