Who owns Domain Name Servers?

Couldn’t someone like Google take over ownership of our digital infrastructure? It should be like a real highway, the Government owns that.

I don’t really understand what hops are when you do a tracert from the command line. Who owns the hops and could you use the internet itself to police itself? Sorry I’m just a mom not a uber geek. Could Google monitor the internet to make sure no one was performing a MITM?

I wonder why President Obama doesn’t have a birth certificate?

Why is Barrack Obama the only person in America that is missing a Birth Certificate?

Is there  a huge batch of birth certificates missing? Like a whole year’s worth? Why does no one else come forward that was born in the same Hospital and say they were missing theirs too.

Why did we change the law so he could be President? Did we forget why we had that law to begin with?

I thought we had these laws in place because were trying to keep a foreign country from taking over America.

It would be funny if his mother was a Human Trafficker.