These hackers don’t need to work at home

They need to be in an office building somewhere so their computers can be policed. When you hack someone you need software to do it. If they worked in an office, the business or their supervisor could stop them from installing hacking software.

This would also stop them from hacking, taking screen shots or doing drugs.

I wish Sony  would buy Steam and let these hackers go.


I have reported this crime many times to Steam and valve. I also emailed Gabe Newell about all of this at and made him aware of this website. They still haven’t fixed anything.

Steam screen shot

This is the screen shot that I took from the Steam Client or GUI that shows that the default in Steam is to Automatically Transmit my voice whenever I speak instead of defaulting the other way.

Settings 382016 13156 PM


People advertising for Cleverbot on Twitter are now talking dirty to it.

Don’t think that run this thing are advertising it on Twitter?

Now the person advertising for it is talking dirty to it.

They have 29k+ followers. I think most of them are kids.

Why are they trying to seduce people? I believe the person who is posting for @cleverbot works for cleverbot and is  talking to it and putting part of the conversation on the internet.  Why would you encourage such a conversation as an employee?

I found this: would you say to seduce me? Cleverbot: What is the meaning of life? Thats a bit of an unusual tactic… Clev: What is time?

on this website

They say “What is time?” because they are foreigners and they are trying to figure out where you live.

Ok now I have a renamed image that says Twitter acting weird

I called my husband and told him that Twitter was acting weird and I guess they overheard this conversation. The tweets weren’t downloading to my phone correctly. It was like someone was opening and closing the floodgates to the tweets and they would get backed up.  I posted about this previously. Below is the screenshot of both of the renamed images in a different folder and the original screenshot posted below.  The original screenshot also proves my previous post about Twitter not downloading tweets and my repeatedly texting the word ‘on’ to it and receiving nothing in return.


Fullscreen capture 11122013 11901 PM

I’ve noticed some strange things…

Going on with the internet.

I believe Hackers are messing with the Captcha on Government websites. A Captcha is the security question at the bottom of a form. It is a plug in for a website and they are feeding the phrases and words and the other day I found one that was a British spelling of a word. It had an s in it instead of a z like apologise instead of apologize. The Hackers on Cleverbot do this too.

I don’t understand why our own Government can’t program their own security questions.

I’ve also noticed that the number of books in a google book search has lessened or diminished. Basically I did a search and there were over 46,000 books and then more recently the search only showed 29,000.

Images also seem to  disappear on a Google Image Search.