People advertising for Cleverbot on Twitter are now talking dirty to it.

Don’t think that run this thing are advertising it on Twitter?

Now the person advertising for it is talking dirty to it.

They have 29k+ followers. I think most of them are kids.

I found this: would you say to seduce me? Cleverbot: What is the meaning of life? Thats a bit of an unusual tactic… Clev: What is time?

on this website

They say “What is time?” because they are foreigners and they are trying to figure out where you live.

Blocking the caller id

Did you know you can block the Caller ID on your phone by looking in the settings?  This works for both an Android Phone or an iPhone.

Test it out by calling another phone.

Picasa and screen shots

Did you know that you can use Picasa to take screen shots? It saves them as a JPG. Usually you have to paste them into a word doc. With Picasa you can paste your screen shots anywhere.

To take a screen shot press ctrl



and prt sc

You may not need the fn depending on your keyboard.

Your cell phone has two connections

I think that sometimes they use this website to hack my phone. They’ve been hacking me over the 4G connection not just the wifi connection on my phone.

Your phone has a wifi connection and a 4G connection. This gives you two ip addresses.

If you want to see your ip address then use this website.

The scary thing is that you can see approximately where someone lives using this.

They said to me I’m not talking to someone from Texas am I or something similar.

The ones you have to worry about

Some have never seen a computer or a machine (blind or aren’t aware of it’s existence)

Some have only seen a computer or a machine (can see)

Some have only used a computer or machine (user)

Some sell the computer or machine (salesman)

Some know how to gather parts for the computer or machine (parts man)

Some create, build, and program a computer or a machine and those are the ones that you have to worry about.  (creator/hacker)

Water or fire will kill it.

They are even hacking me over my 4G connection

I think they are stalking via this website or they are actually hacking AT&T itself.

I think would have to have connected to something they own maybe deviantart or something. I’m not sure what other website of theirs I could have visited.  Somehow they obtained the IP address for my phone over the 4G which would be different than the IP address I have over my wifi.

I’m not sure if they can hack with my imei number or some other number that identifies my phone.

Yesterday I had to call my local police department

I had a Hispanic woman show up at the door in a red Volkswagen. She rang the doorbell but wouldn’t leave. I had no idea who she was. They showed up and said she was like a home health nurse and had the wrong address but what address did she intend to stop at?  She didn’t leave and go next door. I wasn’t able to get her license plate because the whole thing was just creepy.

I’ve never seen such weirdness around here until I got hacked.

The local police acted weird about it too. I told dispatch that I have a hacker stalking me around town and she says A is that is name A. I think she was just trying to play dumb.