Today 3-12-2017 I was noticing the numbering of the images from my camera

I have an old phone an LG Optimus Pro E980 and I use it to read books. I no longer use it as a cell phone.

I noticed the numbering in the camera was off a while back and was looking at it again.  During this test I reset my phone and it’s still hacked.


This image is numbered 20170312_122703

This image is numbered 20170312_122749

This image is numbered 20170312_122859

This image is numbered 20170312_122933


I reset my phone back to factory specs using settings and took some more photographs:



This image is numbered 19700525_153558

This image is numbered 19700525_153658


This image is numbered 19700525_153805


This image is numbered 19700525_153926



While I was taking the last four pictures I noticed the number on the screen was doing something strange originally I thought it wasn’t going up or down.


I took pictures of the Android using my iPhone. Notice the number of the image on the screen is going down NOT up see images below.

They really messed over my phone. The only way I think to fix this is to re-flash the firmware because this is AFTER a reset.














These hackers don’t need to work at home

I think they need to be in an office building somewhere so their computers can be policed. When you hack someone you need software to do it. If they worked in an office, the business or their supervisor could stop them from installing hacking software.

This would also stop them from hacking, taking screen shots or doing drugs.


Steam screen shot

This is the screen shot that I took from the Steam Client or GUI that shows that the default in Steam is to Automatically Transmit my voice whenever I speak instead of defaulting the other way.

Settings 382016 13156 PM


Found this allegedly taken from Twitter

I found this:

What would you say to seduce me?

Cleverbot: What is the meaning of life?

Thats a bit of an unusual tactic…

Clev: What is time?

on this website

They say “What is time?” because they are foreigners and they are trying to figure out where you live based on your time zone.

Ok now I have a renamed image that says Twitter acting weird

I called my husband and told him that Twitter was acting weird and I guess they overheard this conversation. The tweets weren’t downloading to my phone correctly. It was like someone was opening and closing the floodgates to the tweets and they would get backed up.  I posted about this previously. Below is the screenshot of both of the renamed images in a different folder and the original screenshot posted below.  The original screenshot also proves my previous post about Twitter not downloading tweets and my repeatedly texting the word ‘on’ to it and receiving nothing in return.


Basically they renamed the images while they were still inside my phone.


Fullscreen capture 11122013 11901 PM

A note about console logs posted here

I got these logs by using the iPhone Configuration Utility.

I think these hackers basically put Easter Eggs in the wording of the logs. Most hackers will leave a file behind for someone to find for some strange reason. I think they like to see if people are smart enough to figure it out and go look and they like to play cops and robbers.

If your cell phone is hacked it would use data…

You might be able to tell if your cell phone is hacked by looking at your data usage. It has to use data to transmit the signal back to the hacker. Your battery life would also be shortened.

It would also do strange things. The time may not update properly. You may not be able to update the software when there is a new operating system release,

I think they are even hacking me over my 4G connection

I think they are stalking me via this website or they are actually hacking AT&T itself.

I think I would have to have connected to something they own maybe deviantart or something. I’m not sure what other website of theirs I could have visited.  Somehow they obtained the IP address for my phone over the 3G or 4G which would be different than the IP address I have over my WiFi.

I’m not sure if they can hack with my IMEI number or some other number that identifies my phone.